HIQ HIQ Maths is developed for children aged 4 to 7 to develop mathematical thinking in their early years. Through carefully designed teaching materials and topic-related activities tailored to the unique traits of children in this age group, the programme seizes children’s golden years to absorb knowledge and cultivate thinking habits. It sparks children’s mathematical curiosity, builds a solid subject foundation and effectively nurtures concentration, observation skills, comprehension skills and thinking skills.
MET Maths Extended Thinking (MET) is a mathematical thinking skills development programme designed for students aged 7 to 14. To stretch our students’ learning on top of ensuring outstanding school results, our programme core comprises question types that encourage active thinking and flexible application, as adopted from both the school syllabus and Mathematical Olympiad. Supplementary practices and periodical evaluations are also integrated into the curriculum according to students’ grade levels and academic focuses. MET’s key aim is to nurture mathematical talents and to assist students in honing their subject strengths and sharpening their competitive edge through the process of thinking and exploring, in turn developing thinking habits that will empower them for their future.
MTP Tuition Programmes for Primary School Students:

- P1 – P6 Maths Thinkers Programme (Local School Students)

- G1 – G6 Maths Thinkers Programme (International School Students)

MAP Tuition Programmes for Secondary School Students:

- S1 – S4 Maths Achievers Programme (Local School Students)

- G7 – G10 Maths Achievers Programme (International School Students)

1 to 1 Individualised coaching is a 1-to-1 programme for all students 4 to 18 years of age. Lessons will be customised on a case by case basis and learning plans will be tailored to each student’s individual ability, weaknesses and needs. The programme aims to help students achieve a breakthrough in their academic results within a short period of time.
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